A group of dancing women surrounded by deer, ibexes, and wild cattle. One of the woman is flying into the air directly above a deer. Shamanic flight by women is depicted in other Spanish rock art.

detail of the women, black paint on reddish background

Detail (actual photo)


a group of dancing women in leather skirts, with long breasts, one of them floating in the air above a running animal

another view of the same scene<< A clearer view of the flying woman

A woman with outstretched arm flying over a horned animal. This painting has clear stylistic and thematic similarities to the Cogul mural. Again, a woman in a leather skirt shamanically flies over an animal, in this case a sheep. Barranco de los Grajos, Cieza, Murcia


woman flying over animals


People and animals, with several prominent female figures. Barranco de los Grajos, Murcia.

people and animals


Another ceremonial scene with central female figure. Fuente del Sabuco.

another ceremonial scnee

Phoenician influences>>

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