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Sept 1, 2014. It's open-ended; you can sign up and off at any time. Questions?

Text readings: advance excerpts from Secret History of the Witches, and assorted web resources

Discussion forum: via the private listserv Veleda, a shared platform for all course materials and for participants’ comments and response. We're adding teleconferences, probably monthly, to allow more informal conversation.

Visual resources: photo essays and webcast slideshows by M. Dashu

Technical Requirements:Participants need an email address and web access

For the webcasts:
You can participate in the course via dialup, but it's too slow for the visual webcasts. Minimum system requirements for webcasts are Mac OS 10.6 or higher, or Windows XP or higher. If your system is older and you want to see the webcast, you'll need to find a friend to let you view it on their computer *at the time of webcast*. They are live only, no recorded versions will be available.

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Witches and the Way of Weird

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Most readings are book excerpts from Secret History of the Witches,
© 2013 Max Dashu. By subscribing to this course you agree not to publish any of these excerpts in any medium, unless you have received specific advance written permission from Max Dashu to do so.

Images in graphic at top, from left: Caped witch riding a goat with rabbit, Lyons Cathedral, circa 1330; witches dance around la noce strega (Walnut Tree of the Witches) at Benevento, 16th century; carved portal from a Norwegian stavkirk, churches heavily influenced by older pagan styles; and the Weird Sisters on the Franks Casket, in whalebone adorned with runes, England, circa 700 CE.