A Gallery of Toxific and Pornified “Goddesses”

I can’t stand it. For some time I’ve been thinking that something needs to be said about the the toxic femininity scripts   creeping into “Goddess” imagery, mass-media contamination, and all in the name of women’s empowerment. These posed, stilted, playmate-like “goddesses”, sticking their breasts out and pouting like lipstick models are all over the net. You’ve seen them – on Youtube, on Facebook, in comix and videogames. Oh, let’s not forget video games and virtual world avatars. They’re proliferating like mad. This is not empowerment; it is monoculture, limiting, plastic, soul-less, and lacking in the relaxed boldness of real power.

See what you think.

"The Return" (of worshipping the blonde? creepy)

And it’s not just the “goddesses.” They do the same to the “shamanesses,” “witches,” and even “Amazons.” Check it out.

I first noticed a strong trend on Pagan YouTube videos toward soft-porn imagery of witches, but it goes well beyond that.
Several months ago, I did a web search for images of “woman shaman,” “medicine woman,” etc., and this is some of what turned up. What’s sad is that people think they are reaching for a more powerful image of women, while conforming to the same old tired, limited ideas. Nearly all are glamour girls of the same body size and (often impossible) proportions. Virtually none represent old or middle-aged women, few are muscular, none are fat or even husky. Their stance and expressions are predictably uniform and modeled on porn archetypes.

If you’ve already looked at the first two pages, I’ve reorganized them and added several more pages as of April 25:

A Gallery of Phony “witches”

A Gallery of Fake “Amazons”

The Toxic Feminine Template: Video Games and Virtual World Avatars

Enough! what women need is the Real Thing.

Max Dashu