Suppressed Histories Archives: the Next Step

The Suppressed Histories Archives (founded 1970) is entering a new phase. We’ve already begun the huge task of digitizing the 15,000+ slide collection, and expanding the website. This will make more of its visual treasures and resources accessible on the worldwide web—much more!

Now we are raising funds to digitize the slide collection and reconfigure the website. Please take a look at the video, and contribute if you can. We’re at a crucial juncture for the survival of this groundbreaking global women’s history project. Your support is needed to sustain it into the future, and to enable women’s cultural treasures to be shared around the world.

From Ray (Rhages) Iran, 4000s
From Ray (Rhages) Iran, 4000s

The process of reconfiguring the Suppressed Histories web site has already begun, with a new main page and site design in the works. A mass of new material will be added: many more image galleries, articles, video clips, and content from Max’s online courses (and this blog). The biggest task is organizing four years worth of daily posts from the Suppressed Histories Facebook page into a meaningful and searchable format, hyperlinked by subject and region. Doing this will make valuable cultural and educational resources available to the public.

All of these tasks involve labor: design, information architecture, and content migration / formatting. It’s a huge undertaking. Some skilled labor is being donated, but most of the organization and labeling can only be done by Max, who has most of the knowledge in her head. She has kept the Archives going with no external funding, an achievement made possible through long hours — decades — of unpaid work. Community funding will accelerate the capacity of the Suppressed Histories Archives to pour out cultural resources (and political history) that women need to combat the demoralizing climate of backlash. We are so much more than we have been told!

You can help by donating to this crowd-sourcing fundraiser. Lots more information and a video on the Indiegogo campaign page, which is titled Suppressed Histories: the Next Step.

A woman of ancient India, from the Ajanta cave paintings
A woman of ancient India: Ajanta cave paintings

Real women, global vision: illuminating our historical and cultural heritages

To get an idea of the range of issues addressed and the magnificent women’s history images in the Archives’ collection, visit the Suppressed Histories Archives website and Facebook page (especially the Photos section).

All donations are received with thanks. The deadline is March 30, and Indiegogo is adding $1 for every contribution made on Mar 3 and on Mar 8, in honor of International Women’s Day.

You can also help by spreading the word. Tell your friends, share the link on facebook, twitter, social media – email it out!

Thank you for supporting the mission of the Suppressed Histories Archives.

Max Dashu